About Us: Message from the Founder

I am asking the world community to step up to change the way things are being done. The world can not survive if we keep going the way we are. It is simply not sustainable. We have children, grandchildren, family and friends and we all want the world to be there for future generations. We all have a vested interest. With current worldwide policies of conflict, greed, selfishness, consumerism, and wanton waste, I ask you how is it at all possible that the world will survive or more specifically, how will the human race survive in a manner that is inclusive, fair to all, and not putting one nation's interest over the interests of the world's children? We are one world made up of countries that fight and claw their way up to the economic top regardless of the harm done to the world's children. If a policy is good for my children but harms or kills your child, is that a good policy? From the suffering that is happening here in the United States because of the economy; to the suffering of the people in Haiti still awaiting relief from the earthquake and generations of poverty; to the women and children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo living in terror; to the displaced families of the numerous wars in a world where it is hard to find a place that isn't at war; to the children dying from lack of food; to the people around the world trying to survive after natural disasters; quite simply, we must and can do better. The world must develop new ways of dealing with national issues and policies. Poverty is not the result of any one policy or any one political party. Let's take the shame and blame out of poverty, and focus on fixing the issues and work to end poverty in our lifetime! We must start acting as members of planet Earth first, and secondly as members of our nation; and lastly in our personal interest. I fear that without immediate change, the future will not hold the promise of a better life for my grandchildren. With each breath we all take, a child has died from poverty while we shopped....watched a video... went our way without stopping to honor and remember the child that died because the world ...didn't have enough money to buy that child food? Or ...didn't care? Couldn't be bothered? Or ...because community leaders stole the food out of the child's mouth to fill the bottomless pit of greed? Why haven't we, who all claim compassion and humanity, ended poverty? We must do better for the children of the world.

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