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That the UN Millenium Goals will be met by 2025 and poverty will be known only through history books.


Poverty is a human rights issue under Article 25 of the Declaration of Human Rights, and all people should be treated with respect, dignity, and compassion. We believe that small individual efforts when combined will make significant and meaningful change.


The purpose of the Poverty Program is to educate and raise awareness about poverty in the hope that increased knowledge will increase donations and volunteerism and that poverty will end in our lifetime.


Out of the Poverty Program a new and innovative nonprofit called Pennies for Poverty: 2 Cents 4 Change, Inc. was started in Newburyport, MA with the goal of ending poverty in Newburyport. An important part of this initiative was that it would be a model program, a Pennies-Type Program that could be copied and implemented anywhere in the world with the goal of ending poverty town by town. The program is 100% run by volunteers from the community on an annual budget of less than $2,000. What would happen if we all made ending poverty a daily priority and did smalls act of donating, volunteering, educating others? The power of small acts done by large groups of people is enormous. Please help us spread the word about this new innovative program by copying this paragraph and reposting on Facebook and by emailing it to your friends. Let's get the word out that there is a powerful way of ending poverty town by town.

What you can do:

Make the choice today that you will make small contributions on a daily basis towards ending poverty. Donate the cost of a cup of coffee each month to an international nonprofit that works towards ending third world poverty; give 2 cents a day to a charity that works to end your country's poverty; donate 2 items to any food pantry every month; volunteer 2 hours every month; attend free, inclusive events to build and strengthen community; advocate for the UN Goals; write a letter to the editor; inform and educate your community; and the power of 2, you and I, combined with others can create a better world for all.

Financial Impact on Poverty:

With poverty rates across the world rising, can we really stand by and do nothing? Just please do a little very day. Take the first step and do small acts daily. Together we will make a better world for all.


Newburyport Friends for Peace... supporting diversity and tolerance awarded a grant to the Poverty Program, for its series on the social and moral implications of poverty.

The Poverty Program is run by volunteers and does not accept donations.

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