About Us: Why

Across the world about half the world is suffering from poverty and half are not. There has been talk of ending poverty for decades, indeed centuries, with billions of dollars donated and pledged along with thousands of non profits, governments, and religious organizations as well as individuals dedicated to helping those in need. So why with the amount of resources dedicated to this issue, why aren't the numbers going down?

Take a moment and think of this: With every breath you take, a person has died from poverty. Every day, all year long, with every breath you take, a person has died from poverty. The total worldwide number of children who die every year from poverty is 15 million, mostly from third world countries and mostly preventable. That's like the entire population in the Netherlands dying every year. Can we, as a world community, stand by and watch this continue?

We will never know what the world has lost by these deaths; by the unique gifts, the gift and grace of the presence of the children who have died. We will never know. They are all dead. Think of the potential that these deaths have cost the world; the economic and social value that has been lost; the hopes and dreams that, not only were never fulfilled, but were never even dreamed

Let's dream of a world where children don't die from hunger, war or preventable diseases. What would change in the world if we all made ending poverty a daily priority and did just one small act whether it be a donation, volunteering, or educating others? Let's find out and let us end poverty in my lifetime, not my grandchildren's.

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