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Does Astrology Really Work?

Does Astrology Really Work?

In 2012, the General Social Survey discovered that 34 percent of Americans surveyed don’t forget astrology to be “very” or “type of medical” and additionally pronounced a decrease—from -thirds to around one-half—withinside the fraction of folks who don’t forget astrology “on no account medical.”

Astrology is usually described because of the perception of astronomical phenomena, just like the stars overhead. At the same time, you had been born or the truth that Mercury is in retrograde, have the energy to persuade the everyday occasions in our lives and our traits. This is, of course, very distinct from the have a take a observe of astronomy, that’s the medical have a variation a observe of celestial objects, space, and the physics of the universe.

A precise issue of astrology—the forecasting of someone’s destiny or the imparting of recommendation on everyday sports through horoscopes—is specifically developing in popularity.


Masses of human beings are seeking out approaches to interpreting celebrities for advice. Astrology is based on knowledge of the positions of the stars, which looks as if a sufficient systematic pursuit in itself. But is there any technological know-how to lower backup

Whether or not astrology influences our persona and our lives?

Here’s the fast Answer: No. None whatsoever.

Hardened scientists will let you know astrology would not paint. It relies upon what you imply via the means of the word “paintings.” Astrologers print horoscopes in newspapers which might be customized via way of means of the delivery date. These horoscopes make predictions in human beings’ non-public lives, describe their personalities, and supply them with advice, all in keeping with the location of astronomical bodies. A survey performed via means of the National Science Foundation discovered that 41% of respondents accept as accurate that astrology is “very medical” or “type of medical.” Let us smash the original query into separate, more outstanding precision questions: 1) Does the location of astronomical bodies affect someone’s life? 2) Can horoscopes make human beings sense higher? These questions are each exceptionally distinct. Both may be decided scientifically.

astrology influences

Does the location of our bodies affect someone’s life?

No. The function and orientation of the solar relative to earth do motivate seasons. Solar flares motivate electromagnetic disturbances on the planet that may disrupt satellites or even motive blackouts. The function of the moon causes ocean tides. If you’re a fisherman, the moon’s location could have a good-sized impact on your livelihood. Solar wind causes stunning auroras, and daylight is the primary electricity supply for our planet. This declaration is scientifically false. Numerous medical research has disproven that astronomical bodies affect human beings’ lives in keeping with their delivery date. Before accomplishing the experiment, he fine-tuned the approach so that diverse impartial scientists agreed the method became scientifically sound.

Additionally, every one of the astrologers decided the check became fair. As posted in Nature, he discovered that the astrologers ought to do no higher at predicting destiny than random chance. These outcomes trust essential technological know-how.

There are four forces of nature: gravity, electromagnetism, sturdy nuclear force, and weak atomic force. If an item influences someone, it ought to achieve this by interacting through any such essential forces. Sensitive systems can locate electromagnetic waves (mild) from the brink of the observable universe. However, that soft is particularly vulnerable. The gravity of a celebrity technically extends at some stage in the universe. However, its impact on the universe does now no longer amplifies tons past its solar system.

astrology influences

Similarly, the electromagnetic waves (mild) accomplishing the attention of an earth-sure human from Sirius is dimmer than the calm from a firefly flitting via way of means of. If the celebrities and planets genuinely impacted humans, then gnats and fireflies could have an even more significant impact.


Most Famous Psychics of our Generation

Most Famous Psychics of our Generation

When many people hear the word Psychics, they tremble in fear like men have done for centuries. The possibility that a person can predict the future with a certain degree of accuracy is something that doesn’t sit right with many people. And across different cultures, there are stories of people with the gift of psychic predictions.

Today, the age-old practice of spiritual readings is still active as we speak. And ever since the rise of the internet, many people have found easy access to psychic predictions and free psychic readings . It has even found its way into pop culture. From movies to YouTube, there seem to be psychics everywhere.

However, as popular as psychics have become, some people still have a problem visiting or contacting a psychic because they consider it a scary prospect.  Despite the negative opinion of many, some psychics have been able to make a name for themselves across the ages. In this article, we reveal some of the most famous psychics of the past and present.


Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce is one of the most famous psychics of his generation. He is popularly known by the moniker the sleeping prophet because he connects with the supernatural world when he falls asleep. When under the influence of sleep, Edgar Cayce connects and meditates and in such a state, he performs free psychic readings.

Besides sleeping, he is also considered the father of the field called holistic medicine. This field encompasses illness treatment, reincarnation, and dream interpretations. Over the years, he has helped people understand the mysteries of their life using his psychic skills.


Rose Ann Schwab

This well known clairvoyant medium is another hot cake in the business of free psychic readings. Why so? Simply because about 98% of her predictions are accurate. That’s how good Rose Ann Schwab really is. She rose to prominence when she began to accurately predict national events across the globe. For instance, she has predicted several elections, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks.

So the more accurate her predictions were, the more famous she became. Today, she has become a public figure who offers consultations to clients as well as serving as a guest speaker at public events. She is also an accomplished author.



John Elfreth Watkins Jr

John Watkins Jr didn’t start out as a psychic but a railroad engineer. But as time went on, he became fully aware of his abilities to predict the future. The more he immersed himself in the art, the better he became. However, the engineer doesn’t just do random predictions as many other psychics do. He focuses on predicting technological advancements for the future. Some of the things he has predicted seemed weird and impossible, but over time, when they began to materialize, they made so much sense.


Besides the above personalities that are practising psychics, there are loads of others who are practising mediums who combine psychic readings with mediumship. According to Wikipedia, a medium is a person who mediates between humans and the spirits of the dead. They are  known simply as spirit mediums or simply mediums, and they operate using different methods such as Ouija boards, séance tables, spirit channelling or trance.

It is also not uncommon to find mediums who do are free psychic reading online experts as well. Here are some famous psychic mediums we know.

Allison DuBois

This famous medium was so good in the art that her life was recreated into a hit television drama, “Medium”.  She remains popular in certain cycles, and the high and mighty of society, including law enforcement, contact her from time to time to help her solve mysteries. Allison can be described as a celebrity psychic medium.

Theresa Caputo

Theresa Caputo is another successfully and famous psychic who is also a practising medium. She became an overnight sensation on television with her accurate predictive skills. Theresa often appears on her show dressed in outlandish outfits, long nails and blonde hair. Known as the Medium of Long Island, her show is watched by millions, and it revolves around her reading sessions and her family. Despite some critics calling some of her predictions false, she continues to thrive in her personal practice and on television.

Monica Ten Kate

Monica the Medium, as she is fondly called by her fans, had a reality show which premiered in August 2015. The show chronicled her life as a college student with psychedelic powers. Unfortunately, the show did not continue for more than two seasons after it drew criticisms from people who called her a fake medium. Despite the setback, Monica Ten Kate continues to practice. She also hosts live events and podcasts. She has also designed an oracle deck and published a book titled “Message from Above”. Her client base remains huge even to this day.


Tana Hoy

Tana was born with a very strange gift. So strange that his birth was predicted 12 years before he was born by his late Psychic aunt, Aunt Lucille, who died even before he was born. Tana is credited by his fans for attaining a 93% reading accuracy. He is famous for predicting the bombing of Oklahoma City on radio 90 minutes before it happened. That act made him very famous, and he remains a reference point in the psychic field till today. Tana conducts online psychic reading by phone with his clients alongside other platforms.

Who are the best psychics in history?

Well, this is hard to tell because the practice in and of itself is strange and is the gift bestowed on people and not necessarily about how hard they work or how desperately they yearn to have it. Also, if a psychic online is able to offer help to those who need it, then they have done their job and should be appreciated for it.

However, when discussing the world-famous psychics many regards as the best over several centuries, two names stand out. They are Nostradamus and Baba Vanga although there are many others too.

Baba Vanga

Baba Vanga predicted the 9/11 attacks long before it took place, and we all know how that event shook not only the US but the rest of the world and how it influenced global geopolitics for the next 2 decades. He also predicted the emergence of the US’s first-ever Black President, Barack Obama, at a time when many felt it would never happen. Baba Vanga also predicted the global warming we experience today with the melting of the ice caps in the Arctic.


Perhaps the most famous psychic in history many regard as one of the best online psychics the world has ever seen is none other than Nostradamus. This psychic was credited to have predicted many events centuries before they occurred. Some of his predictions have come to pass and some are still to come. He predicted there World Wars, the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte of France and the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. He also predicted the death of Princess Diana.

His predictions have been known to influence the course of human history and continue to do so.

Famous online psychics

The internet has also made stars out of some psychics. Through the internet, they can offer their services to clients online, and some have made a name for themselves. Here is a quick rundown of some popular online psychics.

Courtney Taylor – @moderndaypsychic

Courtney Taylor is a medium and a transformational coach who has helped so many people with her gift.  She conducts spiritual readings, and her main goal is to improve the lives of her clients. He has been featured in several psychic networks and has worked with the high and mighty in society. With more than 10 years of experience, she remains a highly sought after medium online.

Elisa Canali – @theelicanali


Elisa Canali is another famous psychic with a huge online following. She is regarded as a quantum healer and a business mentor. Elisa is also a gene key expert and a wealth activator psychic. The published author created a new female-based business model for women in leadership positions. Her clairvoyant skills have been deployed to help her clients succeed in business and life.

She does business mentoring, embodiment work, potent healing, wealth coding and psychic surgery. Elisa helps her clients unlock their full potential by speeding up timelines and building magnetic brands. With two Master degrees and fluency in four languages, the founder of “Bloom of the Opulent Femme” has featured her works in Entrepreneur, Vogue, Thrive Global, IE and Vanity Fair.


Julie Mckenzie – @juliemckenziemedium

Julie is a psychic medium and is also a writer. She focuses on empowering people using her gift of sight. In 2014, she won the International Psychic Challenge and published a book titled “Universal Prophecy Cards”. She also authored several other books that have enriched the loved of her followers. Her strong connection with the spirit world has made it easy for her to guide people on the right path.


Famous psychics have proven themselves across generations and continue to do so. While not everyone feels comfortable working with free psychic, the fact remains that they can help people understand life’s mysteries and guide them to make the right decisions that will benefit their lives both in the short and long term.

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